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Our team of dedicated and passionate directors contribute to the belief of GNP group to have consistent quality, trust and speed, helping us grow by leaps and bounds.

Mr. Narayan Pawar GNP Group-Founder and Chairman

Mr. Narayan Pawar

Founder and Chairman

Mr. Narayan Pawar is a founder of GNP Group. His vision, dynamism and leadership, have led the GNP Group to become one of today's leading business firms, his unsurpassed organizational skill, motivation and eye for details, have been critical factors in company's success.

Mr. Girish Narayan Pawar GNP Group-Managing Director

Mr. Girish Narayan Pawar

Managing Director

Girish Pawar, Co-founder and Managing Director of GNP Group, a veteran in the real estate market, he helped introduce quality management systems and environment management systems in the field of construction. Under his leadership, GNP has grown strength to strength achieving trust through good work and transparency and at same time combating short-term challenges, without losing the long term vision.

Mr. Kaustub Latke GNP Group- Director

Mr. Kaustub Latke


Kaustub Latke, a long time Real Estate Investor is a Director of GNP Group and heads the GNP Consultancy. With over 15 years of experience and knowledge of the real estate industry, he pays attention to every minute of purchase, operations and up-gradation of systems and processes. As a member of the GNP Group he is focused on creating complete ecosystems of infrastructure, people, and processes that take great ideas from inception to successful execution.


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